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Strawberry Leaf Tea Benefits - Benefits of Strawberry Leaves

Strawberry leaf tea is a beverage that offers many benefits. Strawberry leaves contain many of the same nutrients as the popular berries that they grow alongside. If you enjoy the sweet flavor of strawberries, you’ll probably enjoy a cup of strawberry tea as well. This tea contains trace amounts of Vitamin C, iron and calcium. These are important for strong healthy bones. Vitamin C also helps the body heal from injuries and aids in absorption of the accompanying iron. Though strawberry leaf tea can be used to treat specific ailments, it can also be enjoyed as a healthful drink in your balanced diet.

Patients suffering from diarrhea can use strawberry leaf tea as a gentle, natural remedy. This tea is very effective in treating this problem. The next time you’re plagued with a nasty stomach flu, this comforting drink could give you the relief you need. If you’re suffering from an upset stomach, this tea may soothe this problem as well. Try flavoring your tea with a touch of ginger, which is a natural remedy for nausea as well. The scent and taste of lemon often settle an upset stomach. Try squeezing a wedge into your tea for a refreshing blend of these two fruits.

The caffeic acid in strawberry leaf tea makes it useful as a natural diuretic. If you’re retaining too much water, having difficulty with urination, or embarking on a brief cleanse, this tea will help to flush out your system. Strawberry leaf tea can also help pregnant women shed excess water that is causing sore and swollen ankles or hands. When using this or any other natural remedy during pregnancy, it’s important to talk to your doctor. There may be interactions or side effects that you should consider. However, strawberry leaf tea is generally a very safe drink, especially in moderation.

Folk uses for strawberry leaf tea attribute many other powerful benefits to this drink. It is believed to ease arthritis pain and treat anemia. If you’ve seen strawberry extracts or teas featured alongside diet products, this may be attributed to the leaf’s purported ability to speed metabolism. Though extensive studies have not been done on the potential benefits of strawberry leaf tea, this tea rarely causes any harm. If you enjoy the flavor and rich sweetness of this fruit tea, enjoying a few cups can avail you of the tea’s many known and yet undocumented benefits. If you are allergic to strawberries, however, you should not drink this tea.

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